2020 Conference: Queer Conditions/Kuir Haller: Social and Political Change in an Age of Authoritarianism – Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Program – May 29-30, 2020

Each year, the Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Program brings together scholars from around the world to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing Turkey from a global perspective. This year the conference’s focus will be on Queer and Gender Studies.  The primary aim of the conference is to engage with the global debate taking place on intersectionality.  More specifically, we are interested in analyzing the role of gender identity and dynamics in facilitating the reproduction of power structures, and in the mobilization of historically marginalized groups seeking to expose, challenge, and ultimately dismantle those structures.   By examining emergent forms of these justice-seeking struggles, the conference this year will direct the scholarly gaze on shifting relationships and opportunities for political action in a deeply polarized Turkey. 

Application details :

We are able to offer support for air travel (up to $300 for domestic and up to $700 for overseas) and provide hotel accommodation (up to 3 nights).  To apply, please send a 150-word abstract of your paper; a proposal of not more than 800 words; and your current CV to turkishstudies@northwestern.edu by February 12, 2020.

Please name your files NameSurname_Abstract, NameSurnameProposal,  and NameSurname_CV

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