Call for Papers – ASOR 2021, Archaeology of Arabia, 17-20 Nov. & 9-12 Dec. 2021, Dedaline : 15 March 2021

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February 15 – March 15, 2021

ASOR invites members to submit paper abstracts and workshop presentation proposals for the 2021 Annual Meeting.

ASOR’s 2021 Annual Meeting will have both in-person and virtual components. The in-person component will take place November 17-20 at the Hilton Chicago in downtown Chicago. The virtual component will take place online December 9-12. Use the links below to learn about the sessions and workshops being offered for each component before you submit an abstract.

The deadline to submit paper workshop presentation proposals is March 15, 2021.

If you would like to present your research in poster format, please submit your proposal via the 2021 Call for Posters to open on April 1. The deadline for poster submissions is August 1, 2021.

General Instructions for Individual Submissions

All paper, workshop, and poster presentation proposals must be submitted through ASOR’s Online Abstract Management System powered by Oxford Abstracts. ASOR Standing Sessions and some Member-Organized Sessions and Workshops are being offered as part of both the in-person and virtual components. An individual may present the same paper or workshop presentation as part of both components and this will count as 1 appearance.

Please read the Rules for Participation and ASOR’s Policy on Professional Conduct before submitting your abstract.

Session chairs will accept papers on the basis of the quality of the abstract and its conformity to the following guidelines regarding content and format. To be considered by session chairs, abstracts also must be submitted by the deadline, and proposers must be current ASOR members and registered for the meeting. Standards for acceptance will be the same for all abstracts submitted.

Ready to submit your paper or workshop presentation proposal?

You may submit an abstract after completing these two requirements:
1) You have a current ASOR Academic Membership (Graduate, Early Career, Regular, Retired, Sustaining). Join or renew in ASOR’s Online Store here.
2) You have registered for the 2021 ASOR Annual Meeting. Register here.

Scholarships available: Due to COVID-19, and thanks to ASOR’s generous members, all current ASOR members with a need may request a 25%, 50%, or full scholarship for annual meeting registration. E-mail with requests. We are committed to meeting 100% of requests from members. We will do our best to meet requests from non-members.

*Note for Scholars from Jordan: ACOR awards 2 scholarships for participation in ASOR’s Annual Meeting. There is a place on the abstract submission form to indicate that the presenter is a scholar from Jordan and would like to be considered for an ACOR Travel Scholarship.  Jordanian scholars may postpone the membership and registration requirements until ACOR Scholarship decisions are made.

Abstracts must be submitted via ASOR’s Online Abstract Submission System. Use the following links to submit your abstract. Make sure to use the correct submission form when submitting your abstract. If you are submitting to a session or workshop that is being offered as part of both components and you would like to give the same presentation at both, please use both forms (submit the same proposal twice) so that we have both an in-person and virtual record.

In-Person Abstract Submission Form (Chicago, November 17-20)

Virtual Abstract Submission Form (Online, December 9-12)

The abstract will be reviewed by session chairs based on the session/workshops that you select on the submission form. You may select a first-choice session or workshop as well as second-choice option. For further information or questions specifically related to sessions and workshops, we strongly suggest that you email the Chair(s) in advance of the submission deadline.

The ASOR Office will send e-mail proposal decision notifications by May 15. Questions regarding the online submission process or the status of a submission should be emailed to Arlene Press, ASOR’s Director of Meetings and Events.

Content of Abstracts

The content of the abstract should focus on the significance of the material or on proposed solutions to specific problems rather than on a descriptive narrative.

  1. The SIGNIFICANCE of the author’s work should be stated explicitly.
  2. CONCLUSIONS, as well as the evidence for them, should be presented clearly.
  3. The TITLE should be precise and give sufficient information to allow for bibliographic indexing.
  4. Bibliographic references should be kept to a minimum and count towards the 250 word limit. PREVIOUS SCHOLARSHIP on the subject may be cited, if particularly relevant as a point of departure for clarifying the advances made in the author’s own work. See below for bibliographic format.
  5. It is understood that excavators and others engaged in field research during the summer cannot provide conclusions by the March 15 deadline. Preliminary submission for reports on excavations and surveys, however, is required; submissions should be detailed and specific and should include information on the precise objective of the project and its research design.

Format of Abstracts

  1. Abstracts should not exceed 250 words.
  2. In the case of multiple authors, please make sure to indicate which author will present (read) the paper at the Annual Meeting when submitting the abstract. Each member may submit only ONE paper for which he/she/they is the reader. The same paper may be submitted for both the in-person and virtual components if the session is being held in Chicago and Online.
  3. Abstract submissions MUST list ALL co-authors in the fields provided on the abstract submission form at the time of submission and by the March 15 deadline.
  4. All abstracts should follow the directives of The Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition; Chicago: University of Chicago, 2010).
  5. If bibliographic references are included, these must follow the BASOR style, updated 23 January 2017, reference 32-33.

Publication of Abstracts

  1. All accepted abstracts for papers, posters, and workshop presentations will be published either online, in print, or both. If a printed program book is produced it will receive an ISBN number and be available for purchase (subject to availability) following the meeting through the ASOR office.
  2. By submitting an abstract, presenters authorize ASOR to publish that abstract online and/or in the printed Program and Abstract Book.
  3. Presenters should make certain that abstracts are formatted and worded properly upon submission; opportunities for editing abstracts after May 30 may not be feasible.
  4. Abstracts may be reviewed and lightly copy-edited for grammar and consistency of style.

All submissions must be made electronically using ASOR’s Online Abstract Management System.

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