Call for paper – Middle East Studies Associations’s Annual Conference on December 1-4, 2022 (date limite : 28 janv. 2022)

CfP - Middle East Studies Association 53rd Annual Meeting, 14-17 November  2019, USA

HIAA will sponsor up to three sessions at the Middle East Studies Associations’s Annual Conference on December 1-4, 2022. We are now asking for proposals for a complete panel from HIAA members.

As per MESA guidelines, “panels are centered around a common theme or issue. The maximum number of papers that a panel can have is five, but the ideal amount is four. If there are less than four, the program committee has the authority to add additional papers to the panel. A chair and discussant may be added at any time but, preferably and if possible, presenters should not also be listed as the chair or discussant.”

Please see the MESA website for full details. 

Proposals are due January 28, 2022 and should be submitted by email to Fatima Quraishi at as a single pdf document with the following included:

  • cover sheet with the organiser’s name, academic status, contact information (postal address, email address, telephone number/s) and title of the proposed session;
  • an abstract of 300-400 words that describes the proposed session;
  • individual titles and abstracts for each speaker, also no more than 400 words each, along with their contact information

Notification will be sent by February 10, 2022.

Please note that all those selected to present must be members of HIAA. Additionally, participants of the selected panels are also required to be MESA members by the final deadline of submission.

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