Call for paper – Annual Meeting of the AIA and the SCS, New Orleans, January 5-8 2023 (deadline : March 25, 2022)

Islands and Coastal spaces in the Byzantine and Islamic Mediterranean from Justinian to the Fatimids (6th – 11th c. CE)

Organized by: Dr. Angelo Castrorao Barba (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Science), Dr. Luca Zavagno(Bilkent University), Prof. Davide Tanasi(University of South Florida)

Abstract submission deadline: 25 March 2022

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This colloquium aims to provide a clearer comparative view of the social, cultural, and economic transformations of coastal and insular spaces in Byzantine and Islamic Mediterranean (6th – 11th centuries CE). These regions were affected by the ebbs and flows of Mediterranean politics, trade, and cultural engagements in the longue durée between Byzantine rule and the Fatimids.

This colloquium, therefore, aims to tip the scholarly imbalance and examine coastal and insular seascapes and landscapes as important actors in the creation of dynamic cross-cultural interactions and politically creative moments along a permeable frontier. Recognizing that landscapes and seascapes alike include both natural and anthropogenic features of land and water areas, this project will examine how geophysical spaces were incorporated and integrated through human intervention (such as settlement), together with all aspects of its interplay with the natural environment, elucidating changes related to the social construction of landscapes and seascapes in the Mediterranean and their diachronic transformations. In particular, this colloquium will be focused on the reformation of urban and rural settlement patterns, the distribution and consumption patterns of goods, and the circulation of people and ideas.

These transitions will be compared to the historical trajectories experienced by the main insular spaces like Sicily, Malta, Cyprus, Crete but also in archipelagos (such as Aegean and Balearic Islands) and coastal regions (from the West to the East of the Mediterranean), which drew their character from their positions at the interface among different political structures, economic networks, and religious and cultural systems.


  • Patterns of change in urban and rural settlement patterns between the coasts and the inland landscapes
  • Connectivity and mobility of people and goods across the Byzantium and the Islam
  • Climate change and human-environment interaction
  • Abstracts of maximum 300 words (with authors names, affiliations and contacts) must be sent by email to the colloquium organizers:,, Please to follow the AIA guidelines (…/call-for…/procedures/)

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