Call for Manuscripts – The Ottoman Empire and the World, I.B.Tauris/The British Institute (Ankara)

Series Editor:

Christopher Markiewicz, University of Birmingham, UK

Editorial Advisory Board:

  • Amila Buturović, York University, Canada
  • Emine Fetvacı, Boston University, USA
  • Joshua M. White, University of Virginia, USA
  • Stefan Winter, The Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada

The Ottoman Empire sat at the crux between Asia, Africa, and Europe and connected systems of trade, politics, and culture across continents. It also contained diverse worlds within it through the many peoples, languages, and religions its imperial frame encompassed. These worlds of the Ottoman Empire informed the expanding horizons of the early modern period both through its internal dynamics and far-flung interactions.

This series situates the Ottoman Empire in this early modern world it inhabited by publishing books that take a fresh look at the interactions between politics, society, and culture within the empire and beyond between its establishment in the fourteenth century and the first decades of the nineteenth. During these centuries of immense change, the Ottomans expanded, consolidated, and transformed an empire of great human and ecological diversity which occupied a central role in global history, the effects of which can still be felt today. The series welcomes work which transcends the traditional boundaries between approaches, including those between political history, gender studies, social history, Islamic studies, environmental history, and literary studies to understand how the empire worked and how it fit in a wider world.

The series is published by I.B. Tauris in conjunction with the British Institute at Ankara (BIAA). The British Institute at Ankara (BIAA) is internationally renowned for its support of new independent academic research in the region across various fields, including archaeology, ancient and modern history, heritage management, social sciences, and contemporary issues in public policy, and political sciences. For more information, see and

The series will:

  • Consider interactions between the political, social, and cultural spheres of the Ottoman Empire
  • Explore connections between the peoples and societies of the Ottoman Empire and the wider world
  • Encourage scholarship on the non-Turkish communities of the Ottoman Empire, and especially their place in a wider context
  • Examine the relationship between the Ottoman Empire and powers in Europe, Asia, and beyond
  • Situate local Ottoman histories within a global context
  • Present new ideas and methodologies on the study of Ottoman history
  • Provide an outlet for new work in the field from emerging and established scholars
  • Support the fellowship programme of the BIAA

Published Titles and Forthcoming Titles

Land and Early Modern Islamic Law in the Ottoman Empire, Malissa Taylor
June 2023 • 9780755647682 • Hardback • £85.00 • 240 pages
European Revolutions and the Ottoman Balkans, Edited by Dimitris Stamatopoulos, November 2021 • 9780755646234 • Paperback • £28.99 • 280 pages
Capitalism in the Ottoman Balkans, Costas Lapavitsas & Pinar Cakiroglu, May 2021 • 9780755642779 • Paperback • £28.99 • 312 pages
The Ottomans and Eastern Europe, Michal Wasiucionek, December 2020 • 9780755638536 •
Paperback • £28.99 • 296 pages

For more information, or to submit a proposal, please contact:

Christopher Markiewicz, Series Editor, 

Rory Gormley, Senior Commissioning Editor,

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