Call for application – Vekam Research Awards (deadline : 20 April 2023)


Deadline for application: 20 April 2023

Koç University Vehbi Koç Ankara Studies Research Center (VEKAM), has issued a call for research awards in order to contribute to scientific studies that investigate Ankara and its environs in any disciplines and

areas without restrictions;

  • The social, institutional and economic history,
  • Cultural, social, geographical and environmental characteristics,
  • Historical, cultural, literal, artistic and urban development,
  • Tangible and intangible cultural heritage,
  • Diplomatic, cultural and economic relations with other cities and countries in history.
  • Urban issues related to historical processes and practices in the field of law, medicine and education,
  • Urban government and rural areas, development, growth, sustainability, tourism, natural resources, demographic and climate change issues.

Within the framework of the awards,  3 research projects will be provided financial support up to TRY 30,000.

Application Requirements:

  1. Applicant(s) must have at least a bachelor’s degree.
  2. The research award covers the studies that will be newly started and/or the studies that have started and are continuing and that are aimed to be completed at the end of two years at the latest from the date of commencement.
  3. Documentation, inventory, listing, digitization, etc. studies are out of the scope of this award application.
  4. The study/project prepared within the scope of the application can be a Master’s or PhD thesis.
  5. Applications can be made in either Turkish or English.
  6. Previously awarded project coordinators can apply again as project coordinators only after 5 years, however, researchers, experts, etc. can take part in the assignments.

Application Process

The Research Project Application Form should be filled out and sent to The form should be filled in line with the explanations regarding the relevant fields.

Reference letters specified as Appendix 2 at the end of the form should be sent directly to by the referees.

Incomplete or incorrect applications will not be considered.

For your questions, you can write to

Evaluation process

  • Applications are evaluated by the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee evaluates the applications to express its opinion to the decision-making bodies, and shall not be liable for the applicants.
  • The final evaluation is made by the VEKAM Board of Directors in line with the opinions of the Selection Committee.
  • Research projects that are entitled to receive a research award are published and announced on the VEKAM website.
  • When the Selection Committee deems it necessary, a presentation or an interim report may be requested from the project coordinator related to the research during the application or final project evaluation process.
  • The communication process is carried out via the e-mail address specified by the project coordinator in the application form.

Research Award: Payments and Conditions

  • The maximum amount of the award determined for each research project is 30.000 TRY.
  • Payments are made to the project coordinator at one time with the final approval of the VEKAM management after the final project report and the peer-reviewed article written in line with the research findings are delivered to VEKAM and the evaluation process is completed.

Responsibilities and Obligations of the Researcher

  • Project coordinators entitled to receive the research award are obliged to start and conclude the project according to the timetable provided
  • Project coordinators are obliged to submit the final report of the activities carried out within the framework of the project and all kinds of products and outputs of the project to VEKAM.
  • Project coordinators are obliged to prepare a peer-reviewed article that presents and evaluates the findings of the subject they have addressed as a result of their work, and to apply to the Ankara Research Journal.

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