Appel à contributions : The City in the Islamic World: Synthesis and Perspective, Hésperis-Tamuda

The City in the Islamic World: Synthesis and Perspective
Special Isuue of Hésperis-Tamuda
Guest edited by: Abbey Stockstill and Mohamed Mezzine

The journal Hésperis-Tamuda is seeking English-language contributors for a special issue revisiting the idea of the Islamic city from an interdisciplinary perspective. Though the concept of the “Islamic city” is one weighed down with associations of Orientalist discourse, the past two decades of research on urbanism have opened up new avenues for readdressing the topic. Characterized by an interweaving of various disciplines, urban studies takes the city—not only in historical dimensions, but in its architectural, social, and economic ones as well—as a research subject that naturally appeals to other sources and methods outside the humanities. Possible themes may include (but are not limited to):

• The city as an organizer of space, requiring decision-making and management
• Lived experiences within urban spaces
• The history (or histories) of the city in the longue durée
• The relationship between Islam and public power

This special issue invites scholars from diverse fields to share their contributions on the conceptualization of the city across the Islamic world in an effort to collect and begin to synthesize the many approaches to the topic. Contributions are sought on any geographic region of the Islamic world, and the editors will consider both historical and contemporary subjects.

If interested in contributing, please send a CV and a 300-word abstract to Dr. Abbey Stockstill ( by May 7, 2019.

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