Call for paper – Mamluk Symposium II, 1-2 June 2023 (deadline : 1 December 2023)


1–2 JUNE 2023

İslam Tetkikleri Enstitüsü on Twitter: "The Mamluk Symposium II, which is  organized by the Institute of Islamic Studies, will be held in Istanbul on  1–2 June 2023. We welcome abstract submissions until

Organized by Istanbul University, İslam Tetkikleri Enstitüsü, İslami İlimler Araştırma Vakfı (İSAV) 

The era of Mamluk rule was a time of intellectual and artistic flourishing. From 1250 to 1517, the Mamluk elite established madrasas, dervish lodges, hospitals, and observatories across the lands they ruled in Egypt, Syria, and the Hijaz, including in the great cities of Cairo, Damascus, Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, and Aleppo. Scholars, scientists, thinkers, artisans, and Sufis from all over the Muslim world relocated to the Mamluk realm, further nourishing its intellectual and cultural dynamism. Meanwhile, pilgrims, students, and other visitors to Mamluk lands brought what they learned there back to their homes, thereby helping to spread Mamluk accomplishments in various fields to other parts of the Muslim world, including both newer territories like Anatolia and the Balkans as well as older centers of learning, trade, and governance like the Maghreb, Andalusia, Iran, Transoxiana, and India.

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